You Deserve To Live Your

Hard-Earned Dreams.

At The Pension Group, we believe in the dream of achieving financial independence in retirement and are committed to partnering with our clients to make that dream a reality. Our team resonates with the hard work and dedication it takes to build your wealth over a lifetime. We want to help ensure that your financial journey builds a legacy that honors your lifetime of hard work and helps you reach the retirement you deserve.

From Trials To Triumph.

Mike Martinez



Founder & President

Mike Martinez understands the importance of serving hard-working individuals who value their time and money. As a young teen, he watched his mother lose her job of 23 years when the company closed down. Not only did she lose her career, but she also lost her pension, which she believed was secure. Mike witnessed the struggle his mother went through during this time, not realizing that later in life, he would be helping people just like her.
Mike began his college career in the medical field but switched to financial services, working for a big box firm while he acquired the necessary licenses to be independent. He remembered his mother’s struggles and knew he had an opportunity to help his community in this capacity. Mike never wanted to see his clients go through what his mother went through, so he steadily educated himself on pensions and how to secure them in the long run. The Pension Group was built, and Mike Martinez and his team have been helping people secure their retirements ever since.
Mike now specializes in turning company pensions into private pensions. He understands navigating various types of pensions and wants to help ensure his clients’ futures are dependable. Driven by fierce independence, Mike and his team serve their clients with custom-curated plans built to help get them out of captivity and into the retirement they dream of.
Olivia Febus
Service Advisor

Olivia Febus joined the pension group in May 2022 and has 6 years of customer service experience. As a service advisor she sits in on all client meetings and assists clients with any questions they may have. She graduated from The Ohio State University in 2019 with a degree in Child and Youth Studies and a minor in Human Development and Family Science.

Olivia has lived in Ohio her whole life and enjoys shopping, country concerts, interior design, and exploring new restaurants.

Laurie Dunsmore
Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional

Laurie joined The Pension Group with two decades of experience in the financial services field. She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in Business Administration. She has experience in Banking, Insurance and Retail Management. As a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional, she’s experienced in all facets of financial planning and administration.

Laurie enjoys  the beach, gardening, Broadway shows and a good beverage.  In her spare time, she is on the go with her family and their numerous sports and activities.

Marj Musngi
Administrative Assistant

Marjorie joined The Pension Group in September 2021 as an Administrative Assistant. With over 15 years of experience in customer service, Marj excels in catering to clients’ needs. Her commitment lies in delivering top-notch customer experiences. Prior to joining us, Marjorie honed her skills as a trainer for online educators, emphasizing professionalism and excellence in every aspect of her work.

Marjorie’s interests are diverse; she takes comfort in music, values her family bonds, delights in the beauty of nature, and craves adventure through travel experiences.

Carolyn White
Client Relationship Specialist

Carolyn joined The Pension Group in 2022 as a Client Relationship Specialist. She has over 20 years of experience in the financial industry including client relations, event planning and client experience. Her creative views and ideas help to make unforgettable client events and experiences.

Carolyn resides in New Albany with her son Landon. She enjoys cooking and loves her edible garden. The beach is her happy place, and she enjoys traveling, learning about and planning new adventures.

Jennifer Brosch
Marketing Coordinator

Jennifer joined the team in the beginning of 2023. She has over a decade of experience in global sourcing and client relations. As the marketing coordinator, Jennifer is responsible for helping plan and execute our dinner seminars from start to finish and assists our clients in any issues they may have.

You can find Jennifer spending time with her husband, two teenage children, and two German Shepherds. She also enjoys spending time with friends, exercising, reading and volunteering with various local organizations.

Julie Jones
Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional

Julie is a Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional who joined The Pension Group this year and has been in the financial services industry, helping with back office operations, for the last 35 years. She began her financial career in 1979 at Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb as a Registered Sales Assistant and from there she used her knowledge and skills as a Certified Consultant Group Analyst at Morgan Stanley Smith Barney, working with high net-worth clients.

Robert Comfort
Chief Operations Officer

Robert Comfort is recognized as a pioneer, innovator and award-winning leader in the bank and credit union wealth management sector. Throughout a distinguished career marked by visionary leadership, he has consistently demonstrated proficiency in organizational development, strategic planning, client acquisition and retention and culture and employee engagement innovation. Driven by a commitment to excellence, Robert’s strategic initiatives have generated a positive and enduring impact on both organizations and clients alike. His ongoing influence in shaping the financial services industry underscores Robert’s role as a catalyst for organizational excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape of leadership and innovation.

At The Pension Group, we are serious about your future. We want to help make your retirement years worry-free by holistically building a private pension you can count on. After dedicating your life to your work, we believe you deserve a stable financial future, and our team can help maximize your pension and revolutionize your retirement.

Revolutionizing Wealth. Cultivate The Power Of Your Diligence.

The Pension Group is dedicated to helping our clients find freedom in retirement. Our team uses a variety of tax and wealth management strategies catered to each individual’s needs to create a stable foundation for the future. We want to minimize the stress of your finances with honest and direct solutions, and we are committed to guiding you through the process. Using risk-averse strategies, The Pension Group has one mission: to empower you to gain freedom and live the life of independence you’ve earned.

Forging The Life Of Independence You've Earned.

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