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Should You Take the Voluntary Retirement Offer?

Join us for our next webinar to learn:

  • Do I qualify for the Voluntary Retirement Offer?
  • When is the deadline to accept the offer?
  • Will my healthcare choices change?
  • How to do the four years of added service and base earning impact my lump sum pension?
  • And more...

Attend Our Retirement Webinar

Designed to help you move your retirement from someday to today. Register today to learn more about stock market changes, 401k Brokerage Link, and retirement healthcare.


We will review the pension, 401(k), and retirement healthcare options.  We will also go into detail
on how we help hundreds of associates actively manage their 401(k)'s with BrokerageLink while they are still working.

We care about the wellness of our clients and prospects. Due to the closing of the restaurants across the state, we may not be able to have some of the events at the current locations listed below. We are working on a solution to accommodate those that have interest in attending. We also have an option for a free 30 minute phone consultation listed below. Feel free to contact our office for more information. 614.423.4600 Thank you for your understanding! Stay well!

Schedule a complimentary 30-minute phone consultation
by calling 844.492.4600.

No events are scheduled at this time. Please check again soon!

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