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Mike Martinez

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The Pension Group

Mike started The Pension Group to help people better understand their pension options. As a firm, The Pension Group takes a more holistic approach to the planning stages and is more concerned with servicing clients in several different areas, not just with investments. Throughout the years, the firm has helped clients evaluate the options of Social Security, Social Security Disability (SSDI), and tax planning with a network of strategic alliances of CPAs and attorneys.
As a financial advisor for over 23 years, Mike focuses on helping individuals with pensions, income planning, investments, and preparing for the future. He has assisted several hundred clients with evaluating their pension plans to help ensure that there are no errors in their calculations, as errors can occur regardless of the employer.
Michael has helped educate several different employees from various companies, including Honda, BMW, AT&T, Battelle, 3M, JCPenney and AK Steel. He has also helped countless police officers, firefighters, teachers, and other government employees with their pension options.
As a guest speaker at several venues, including a prestigious Governor’s Conference, Harvard University and NASDAQ, Mike has helped educate employees on their 401(k)s and pensions by informing them of various planning options. Education is key in helping employees understand the personal and financial decisions they face. As Mike says, “Retirement is not the end, but a new start to a new beginning.”
As a father of three, Mike is very active in the community in Dublin, Ohio. He has volunteered for several organizations, including the Nationwide Children’s Hospital Memorial Tournament, The Veterans Project, Dublin Food Pantry, The Salvation Army and Junior Achievement.
Catch Mike on WTVN AM 610, AM 1290 News, and 95.7 FM WHIO as he covers a variety of retirement topics, including IRA rollovers, 401(k) questions, estate planning, retirement planning, and pension error analysis.

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